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Since a new decade comes, SWTOR Credit Power moved forward to providing a great variety of goods including but not limited to Star Wars Credits Asia. Unlike many of our competitors we have chosen to done what we have said.

No Delay in Schedule Time

We believe in absolute transparency and will only offer services which we can fulfill rather thank offering empty words and leave clients in dark. Your order will never be disregarded for any spurious reason such as short of stock and delay in delivery time.

Best Customer Service

At, our entire business goal is based on customer service and client retention. As a new growing game currency provider without the multi-million dollars marketing budges of our larger competitors we need to ensure that those who buy our swtor credits become long term customers. This ensures continued growth in an extremely competitive market.

Meet Customer Satisfaction

Part of this customer-focused attitude involves listening to customer comments, suggestions and concerns and acting on these wherever possible. If you do not understand a response from a customer service representative, any of the information on our website, please let us know by email, telephone or msn online talking channel, we will endeavour to make these more friendly.